Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Holus Bolus Syrah!

While on my holiday travels, I was pleased to find this splendid thing in a shop in Santa Barbara: a local wine called Holus Bolus, and on the label - a fabulous octopus!

Sadly, since it was nearly $30 I couldn't justify bringing it home with me, so I don't have very good pictures. The back label was equally as intriguing as the front, with fanciful curlicue writing.

Seems it would be a lovely gift for the cephalopod-lover in your lie, though, yes? The online reviews make it sound delicious. Check out this gushing over the 2004: "Impenetrably dark, with glycerin legs practically jogging out of the glass, this dark berry concoction represents everything good in the world of the Central Coast Rhone Rangers. An impressive finish, oaky notes, and a soaring bouquet."

Buy it here. Apparently they only make a few hundred cases of each vintage!


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Sarah Dungan said...

Hard pressed not to order.
Maybe for my birthday...