Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What spewed forth this tentacular progeny?

Cthulhu Spawn in Specimen Box (art by AlexCF)

The amazing AlexCF is a professional cryptozoological pseudo-scientific assemblage artist and illustrator. Pictured here are his "Cthulhu Spawn in Specimen Box" and "Cthulhu Specimen Box Revisited." Contained in the box are a series of bottled samples, rock samples, detailed notes, mad ramblings, diagrams, maps, a directional compass, pencil, and of course the spawn of Cthulhu, sealed within a specimen jar. See more of his work at his site, The Art of AlexCF.

Cthulhu Specimen Box Revisited (art by AlexCF)


Prairie Gothic said...

Love this blog. I was inspired by Adam Wallacavage's chandeliers and will be posting tomorrow with my interpretation.

Holly said...

dammit!! Someone beat me to it!! Oh he's in the UK....I still have a chance!