Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tentacle UFO spotted night before carnage at Conisholme wind farm

Tentacle UFO spotted night before carnage at Conisholme wind farm
Published in the Lincolnshire Louth Leader
Date: 06 January 2009
Tuesday 13.20pm

Engineers from Ecotricity are working to establish how a 20m blade mysteriously fell off a turbine at Conisholme wind farm - but residents have their own conclusions.

It is believed the a blade fell off the 89m turbine and another was left badly bent on Sunday January 4.

Speculation has continued amongst residents in Conisholme and the surrounding villages with some saying they saw strange flashing tentacle shaped lights above the wind farm on the night before it happened.

Mr John Harrison, Saltfleetby described how on Saturday night, January 3 he looked out of his landing window to see a 'massive ball of light' with 'tentacles going right down to the ground' over Conisholme wind farm.

"It was huge" he said "At first I thought it must have been a hole where the moon was shining through but then I saw the tentacles – it looked just like an octopus.

"It was an incredible site; I have never seen anything like it before. I have no idea what it was, all I can say is what I saw".

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Holly said...

I saw this!!! It scared the hell out of me!! ahhhh! (I'm afraid of

Tom Banwell said...

Flying octopi? Wow, that's a new one.

Sarah Dungan said...

Well the discovery channel did mention a sudden enormous influx of jumbo squid all over the coast here...maybe its just one step in an over arching conspiracy for cephalopod world domination?

judith27k said...

Thought about you with another octopus link that I encountered.