Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Air Kraken Day - a celebratory retrospective

Costume © Molly Friedrich. Photo by Anthony Bopp

While many of you were drinking green beer, wearing stick on sparkley shamrocks and weaving home singing irish songs in fake accents (or maybe real ones) - some brave souls like Molly Friedrich, shirked the revelry of the day to take on the most important task of saving us all from the influx of Air Kraken. Creatures which, for reasons possibly related to the snakes being driven from Ireland, appear in great numbers on St. Patricks Day - also known, as our enterprising reporters have exlained, as Air Kraken Day.

Molly is an enterprising steampunk artist and tinkerer from Seattle, who hand painted her kraken skirt and donned it for the occassion. You can see more of her fabulous creations at http://porkshanks.deviantart.com


. c h o k l i t . said...

Ms. Porkshanks, we should all be thanking you for your noble bravery. Hats off to you!

(and fabulous costume, by the way...)

nullalux said...

Oh, well done!