Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hibernacula - Lovecraftian Tentacles

I'm pleased to announce that now, someone watches this blog who is not a personal friend to one of the authors! (Well technically probably not the first, since one of the authors watched this blog without being my bestest pal or next door neighbor, but it seemed like a good intro).

K.M. Kotulak emailed us to mention our shared love of cephalopods and link us to some of Hibernacula's most tentacley items. Check out the Etsy shop http://Hibernacula.etsy.com for more monstrous items.

The real question is, how long before we start getting free samples? ;-)
Thanks for the note K.M.K.!


nullalux said...

Great work! I especially love the eye pendants...be sure to take a peep at his shop.

poopisan said...

seriously!? you must have so many tentacle hags chasing you! this is my go to blog when i'm feeling blue/green. i even have a listing on my etsy shop dedicated to our wittle fwend! you are being selfdepra- something; y'know like woody allen , when u say nobody reads your blog. come on!