Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Designs at OctopusMe!

I've long been enamored with OctopusMe, the jewelry designer on Etsy who casts her sterling designs from REAL sushi-grade sea creatures. She has some phenomenal new designs up... including this tie tack cast from a baby octopus.

And, she's been adding gemstones to her already-stunning designs. Hold me back!

Now go drool over so much more of her astonishingly graceful work in her Etsy shop.


Miss Malaprop said...

I have a pair (well actually two pairs) of her smallest tentacle earrings, and I love them - I wear them almost every day. I really want to get 3 extra holes in each ear so I can wear a full set of tentacles!

Tiffany Westlund said...