Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Mark of 50 - Contest

Well that was fast! Thanks to everyone who commented, twittered, sent emails to their friends and offices, and in general ran for the 50 follower mark. Honestly ya'll I sort of expected to have some more time to prepare! But don't let that worry you, we're totally ready!

So, as promised, there is a contest, starting now! It will run for a week, ending next Saturday (May 2nd) because I like easy to remember lengths of time.


An octopus, resin cast from an original sculpture and polished and finished to look like antique ivory. Hung from a red polyester cord tied in a chinese knot. (If you win and are very anti-red, the cord can be replaced with black).

An 8.5" X 11" print of a very unforunate disaster at sea. Printed on velvet art paper, in vibrate 5 color Epson pigment printer inks.


Prizes will be awarded raffle style, by a random number generator selecting from all the entries. There are multiple ways to enter, depending on how industrious you feel. Please note that if you do not have an email listed in your blogger profile you will need to include some way to contact you in your comment!

  • One entry is you: comment here, tell us about your favorite cephalopod and why you love them.
  • One entry if you mention us and this contest in your own blog. There's a couple of charming little banners you can use on the side bar, and feel free to borrow the contest banner if you like!
  • One entry if you (this one is super fun) draw us a cephalopod and link us to it! We'll put up a lovely little gallery of them, and do a blog post highlighting our favorites. This is silly and fun, and your artistic ability must only be such that you can make marks on paper. circles, with squiggly lines and a smily face are perfectly acceptable!

If we reach 50 entries, I'll scrounge around for an additional prize!

Annnnd...GO! Have fun!


Anonymous said...

Favorite cephalopod? You mean I have to choose just one? That's quite the challenge, considering the wide variety from which to choose, and the awesomeness of each one. The power and elusiveness of the giant squid, the camouflage abilities of octopuses and cuttlefish, the beautiful coloring of the Blue Ring octopus, the fascinating language skills of the Caribbean Reef Squid . . . yeah, I'm pretty sure I can't pick just one. Or if I have to, I'll pick my toy plushy Blue Ring Octopus, because even though he's not real, he's the perfect size and color to display my Jayne Cobb hat. :)

Lunatiq Coquette said...

Oho! Cephalopart coming up!

In the meantime... -ponders- Being a mad scientist, I suppose my favourite has to be the Colossal squid. Slinking slowly (or not?) through the dark and frozen depths, leaving my enemies scarred by the teeth and claws of my mighty tentacles, inviting pirates to parties of a nature I can't mention in polite company...

Yep. Bring on the Messies!

(And I receive my mail in the briny deep via ellopoppet (at) gmail (dot) com!)

nullalux said...

If you're on Twitter, help us out by posting:

"Cephalopod Tea Party is hosting a sweet contest w/ some tentacular prizes. Visit by 2 May to enter! (pls RT)"


Anonymous said...

Right now I'm partial to Loligo pealei as I just read an article about their predatory behavior. I posted a link to your contest at my lj:

Tom Banwell said...

Here is a link to my art

Miriam Goldstein said...

My favorite cephalopod is definitely the humble yet orgiastic market squid (Loligo opalescens). Here's my take on why they are so delightful.

Also, here's my link to the contest!

Larky said...

The Hawaiian Bobtail Squid. Look at it! So cute! Little squishy face! The relationship that this squid has with a bioluminscent bacteria is explained here: Bonnie Bassler at TED.

Anonymous said...
Here's my submission!!

Unknown said...

is this freaky guy.

or, you know.. this guy. of course.

TotusMel said...

I kind of like cuttlefish best, but that's because they change patterns and shape, so bizarre!

Raven said...

My favorite? Taningia danae. Seven feet long, 135 pounds, and equipped with lemon-sized yellow photophores on the ends of two of its arms. The photophores have black eyelid-like flaps that let the squid flash them on and off to hunt, communicate, and be sneaky.
And I guess I'll have to manage a squid drawing that's not on my notes.

Sarah Dungan said...

Raven: Drawings on your notes are quite acceptable, as long as you don't mind everyone seeing your notes!

Artsnark said...

Tough decision but I have to go with the Chambered Nautilus
Classic design, cool shell, pinhole camera-type eye & a bajillion (ok 90)tentacles. What's not to love?

Lunatiq Coquette said...

Behold! The Cephalopart!

Cephalopod Tea Party

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of "dumbo" octopuses. They are rare, rarely photographed and unique looking. How can you not love the "dumbo ear" flaps too.

Anonymous said...

Wow... this hasn't filled up yet??

I can't pick a favorite, I'm sorry... But here's my cephalopizzle art.

Like a cross between an octopus and a spider.I guess I didn't get around to uploading the actual large image of this, but one of my icons I created from the original.

Also this bit of crocheted business.

Here's crossing my fingers and hoping the html works out there.

the little eastern heretic said...

i don't have a favourite...... i love most squids and octopuses...... especially if they have highly squishable faces.

Sarah Dungan said...

Thanks everyone for playing! I'll post the winners tomorrow :-)