Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cephalopod Fan Art

What, its been a week you say? And its not even Monday? Sorry for the wait, but here are the Cephalopod arts submitted by our wonderful readers for the contest!

This one, by Mad Marley Grey, is my favorite. Why? Because its a Tea Party! Check out the slick Octopus tea set. Where can I get one of those?
Tom Banwell's attack on the airship Gryphon.

radioohgirl took her Ocotpus outside for a walk.

And nonspecific, that's actually pretty creepy...spider cross with an octopus indeed!

Thank you everyone for playing along, we hope you had fun! Seeing all the art sure was fun for us.


Anonymous said...

Yeah... that's what happens when I'm drawing without a picture in front of me. And that was early in my love for octopus days, so I hadn't quite gotten the mental image down yet.

nullalux said...

These are amazingly cool! Thanks, everyone!