Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Life Imitates Life: The Mysterious Mimic Octopus

While persons with dissociative disorders, or multiple personalities, have been known to have as many as 100 personalities, they have not been known to morph into totally different creatures -- except in the movies, of course. But one cephalopod, the Indo-Malayan octopus, totally transforms itself into at least 15 different sea animals. So far, at least, the Indo-Malayan octopus is the ultimate biomimic -- life imitating life.

There are two very striking observances made of this sea character, the Indo-Malayan octopus. One is that some of the 15 species of sea life are likely never to have been observed by the octopus, and the other is that when facing a predator, the octopus will become that predator's most fearful predator. How does the octopus know how to become something that it has never observed? How does it know what is most feared by its own predator?

Many more amazing photos of mimicry at the original article, Life Imitates Life: The Mysterious Mimic Octopus.

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Sarah Dungan said...

This is definitely the coolest science tidbit we've blogged about! (at least I think it is hehe)

nullalux said...

Crazy, huh?