Sunday, May 10, 2009

Little Fun with Noadi's Steampunk Cephalopods

My friend Sheryl Westleigh has a delightful Etsy shop, Noadi's Art: Unique Sculpture and Handmade Jewelry Designs in Polymer Clay and Mixed Media. She is inspired by a love of marine animals (especially the cephalopods), science, and all things weird and wonderful. If you like cuttlefish, octopus, trilobites, or other strange creatures she's got something for you. Recently, she's added to her line some sweet steampunk designs.

From her blog: 
So I just got done making, photographing, and listing a bunch of new steampunk cephalopods jewelry in my Etsy Shop. Along with the distressed gray metal look I had been doing I created a more fanciful and feminine steampunk look in a deep burgundy red with antique gold edging that makes it look gilded. I'm very happy wiht how these turned out and how popular my steampunk cephalopods have been recently.

I decided I wanted to do a slideshow of them and this is what I created using animoto.


Artsnark said...

very cool

Anonymous said...


I just found her through Flickr and featured her at the archive.

I was putting up a crosslink to your site as an added sidenote on other "Cephalopod goodness" and noticed you had already covered this one.

That is what I get for missing a day.

Have I mentioned how much I love this site?

Joei Reed said...

Have you seen these??