Friday, June 26, 2009

Portrait Ms. Cephalopodina Brooch by Paraphernalia

Paraphernalia's new Portrait Collection of brooches features beautiful vintage illustrations of Ladies sporting particular sartorial choices. Paraphernalia designs beauteous and wholesome adornments for both Ladies and Gentlemen, inspired by both vintage illustrations and 19th century magicians. Their work celebrates the odd, unusual, uncanny and bizarre.

Ms. Dina is a young Greek heiress raised to the highest standards, although she refuses to behave as a proper lady. She can instead be found exploring the deep caves and crevices under the sea that watched her being born. Find her here.


. c h o k l i t . said...

How I love this. The perfect combination of proper lady and improper headgear makes me faint with delight!

Unknown said...

Unfortunately the second link does not work, but I found the site in a different wayŚ„
I must point out that the paintings are very special and the idea is really awesome.
I always thought they make and sell those necklaces, bracelets and stuff only in such specialized fairs, and now I see that it is also for sale on the Internet. Cool.

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