Saturday, October 31, 2009

Another landmark number, another little contest

Some of you, our dear readers, may remember that we ran a little contest upon reaching the exciting landmark of 50 followers.

Well now we rest upon the cusp of an even greater moment, we are but a carpool away from reaching 100 followers. Having learned my lesson, I now fully expect you to recruit 4 friends within the next 6 hours or so.

This time we welcome prize donations from anyone around who has something they'd like to offer. But regardless, there will be some little tentacle pins up for grabs, along with some other cool prizes. So, the race to 100 begins NOW!

Thanks everyone! I knew you could pester your friends to do things quickly ;-) The contest will start tomorrow. This time prizes will be added throughout the week as more and more people enter, just to keep things exciting.


TotusMel said...

I twittered you into a couple more folks this evening!

Sarah Dungan said...

And look there it is. 100!

Contest shall start on Monday :-)

Sara said...

Check out the squid goggles!

nullalux said...

Posted on Twitter, et al.