Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kraken Rum - myth or monster?

There has been some buzz lately on the interwebs regarding this particular up and coming beverage. But it remains somewhat ellusive.
You can read up on the kraken (and the rum) on its website where you can also watch some informative films about kraken legend and biology. Yet, the store locator appears to be defunct.
You can see some lovely photos of its equally lovely packaging over at notcot.com, more photos infact then are actually on the rum's own website.
But where can you buy it? The collective consciousness of the internet does not seem to know!
Rest assured the moment it can be obtained, this correspondent will give you a review of more then just its packaging!

Update - Oct 27 at 7:51pm:
Oh how the internet has corrupted us. Had I merely taken my phone and called the nearest seller of fine beverages I might have discovered immediately that they have Kraken Rum on their shelves at this very moment. Gentle readers, soon you shall have you proper rum review!


Unknown said...

I don't drink at all but I'm planning to make an exception for this if I can obtain some.

Isla said...

at the moment you can buy it in Michigan, California and Pennsylvania.....by January, you will be able to buy it pretty much everywhere. Today, they bottled the big half gallons so it should be coming out soon! by the way, it tastes even better than it looks!

Sarah Dungan said...

The collective consciousness of the internet DOES know! Thank you Isla.
As I am in California, I shall seek out and confirm this tastes even better then it looks espousal. :-)

Artsnark said...

too cool!

. c h o k l i t . said...

Oooooh ~ wish I was a bigger fan of rum. Too sweet for this tart. Now, Kraken Bourbon, on the other hand, I might be in serious danger... LOVE the label.

nullalux said...

A must!