Monday, November 2, 2009

Doctor Grymm's Squid Attack!

photo © JMARSDesign 2009-2010

As pointed out by a reader, take a look at these fabulous goggles by Doctor "Joey Marsocci" Grymm. He describes them in his blog:
"I am actually quite happy with how they look and I think they are the most wild pair of goggles I have made. reaching tentacles and sharpened teeth hold the lenses permanently in place. The green and copper accents are painted with an inky wash that bring out the scarred and wrinkled skin texture. I hope that this pair brings a few unsettling looks from guests at the Museum."

These goggles, along with a large variety of other fantastic steampunk devices and inventions are on display at the Museum of the History of Science, in Oxford. Anyone in the area should definitely swing by and check it out!


Carapace said...

Oh, wow. The goggles rock me! Thanks for scouring the world and bring us all this cephalopodish coolness!

Adam said...

I've seen steampunk goggles. I've seen cyberpunk goggles. Now I've seen, what, cthulhupunk? Cephalapunk? Either way, I want some.

nullalux said...

Cthulhupunk! Yes!

Sarah Dungan said...

I'm kind of digging Cephalopunk myself ;D

Artsnark said...

too fun!