Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tentacle Pendant Necklace Series

Dark and wondrous, Silent Cheesecake Designs showcases wearable art and curio jewelry, inspired by the natural world. The work of this Los Angeles-based artist features preserved insects, dried flowers, bones, pearls and sea creatures. (All specimens are collected safely and humanely, as outlined in the shop owner's profile.) From octopus tentacles in curio vials, venus flytraps in silhouette pendants and cocktail rings made of bone and glass, Silent Cheesecake offers beautiful and unique accessories for those with a curious sensibility. Having recently received one of the insect curio vial necklaces as a gift, I can say from experience that the work is beautiful, meticulous, and all around just cool.

You can see the full list of all octopus/sea creature jewelry here.


Tess said...

these necklaces are creepily awesome. I love your blog. now following!

xxo Tess S.

Alex and Ben said...

Want! Want! Want! I think octopi are too awesome and now I need to own one of these!