Monday, January 17, 2011

A little New Year give away

Thanks to CreativeEtching we've got a little gift to all our readers for the start of 2011! Two cephalopod pins to give away. Be sure to stop by his Facebook page for other giveaways and fun.
I considered what the theme of the contest should be for a good long while before finally coming up with it, and I hope everyone has great fun with it. So.

TO ENTER: You must write a cephalopod haiku, and post it in a comment here. If you don't know what a haiku is, wikipedia has a very thorough article, but the short version is, a poem with three lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables (technically moras which are slightly different but...). They don't need to be great poems, or terribly clever, you just have to write one!

Don't forget that if you aren't a blogger user or your contact email isn't in your profile you'll need to post it here or email it to us so we can tell you if you win!

No multiple entries this time, dear readers, but multiple Haiku's are welcome. Maybe we'll put together some sort of fine and lovely illustrated haiku post from them later! Winners will be selected in a random drawing (via magical internet randomizers, although I might just write all your names down and have my roommate draw them out of a hat just for the sake of pomp and circumstance). Entry Deadline is Sunday Jan 23rd!

To get you started, here is a haiku that appeared on the twitter feed DailyHaiku-

The octopus' fleeting dream
in the trap
the summer moon
by Matsuo Bashô


Anonymous said...

Three is the magic
number, but octo eight holds
a watery truth.

AJ said...

Oooh, fun giveaway!

Black octopus chair
Fills my heart with such envy
Where would I put it?

Vard said...

Octopus is a three-hearted creature
With a beak and eight arms
Captain Nemo feared.

Lunatiq Coquette said...

I love these party games!

My tentacled friend
You swim with me through my dreams
Always, together

In our tea there is
Not sugar, but the sea's salt
The ocean, our home

O cephalopod!
If I could but know your world
Happy, I would be

Danna Staaf said...

Ammonitic seas
Declined. Cretaceous autumn.
K-T killed their coils.

And here's one I wrote last year, just for giggles:

Skunked again today.
Squid are here--but so are storms.
It's not called "catching."

Unknown said...

Cuttlefishes' eyes
Can see what we are blind to
-- Where round pupils fail

Unknown said...

Clicking needles weave
Cuttlefish in acrylic
New friend, but sore hands.

Carapace said...
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Carapace said...

Cephalopods have
My eternal envy for

...The parentheses because the syllabic count of "chromatophores" may vary depending on your accent. >_<

Cephalopod fits
Into any shape size mold
Prom dress always fits!

(reposted 'cause I forgot my email addy the first go-round!)

Sarah Dungan said...

I can't tell you how happy you dear readers make me! You are so sweet for indulging my fancy, and the poems are so wonderful!

stitchpunk said...

Cuttlefish scuttles
Octopus oscillates and
Squid swims silently

Sara said...

you wait in the dark
with tentacles all around
what thinks you creature?

Oh that's bad-wanted to share this photo of a knitted octopus I made. My boyfriend owns a bar called the Kraken, and he had a ship behind the bar that needed attackin'.

Sara said...

Oh yes- I also gave him this print by Joe Havasy- a talented young artist who features cephalopods in some of his work:

rdl9 said...

Living Fossils

Simple pin-hole eye
With Jet propulsion backwards
Chambered timeless soul