Friday, February 1, 2013

Lets pretend like we were never gone!

Well no, I apologize, that was a long pause. Time to try and play some catch up - especially with emails!  In fact, here's one to start with.  

A friend sent me a link to this recently and I thought 'now where have I seen that before?'.  Well it turns out that Sourpuss Clothing - the folks responsible for this delightful bathroom accessory - sent us an email a ways back with a whole series of tentacled products they offer.

You can get your very own shower curtain on their website.  Now all we need is an octopus bathmat and we're set!


Kelsey Bang said...

super awesome!

Eddie F said...

Do you know ... I've been trawling through blogger profiles, and blog after blog after blog is completely derelict! Last updated sometime just after WWII (a hyperbole). Anyway, at last I found one (yours) that was updated in 2013 ... and do you know what? It really looks rather cool : o D I don't know much about octupi (other than both octopuses and octupi are acceptable plurals). But I guess I'm at the right place to learn about them : o )