Monday, November 24, 2008


Here at the Cephalopod Tea Party we're planning to scour the inter-webs for all things octopus-ish, squidly, and tentacled for your enjoyment.

Therefore, behold the Octo-Duchess in all her glory!

There are many reasons to love Austin photographer Darla Teagarden, but in my opinion, this picture is at the top of the list.

Darla makes all her props and does all the art direction for her amazing photos. Her work can also be seen in the shop of one of my favorite Etsy sellers, Louise Black.

This portrait, aside from being simply stunning in its concept and beautifully executed, has given me the inkling of a costume idea that could come to fruition if I ever have an excess of time and money.

Oh, my kingdom for a corset with tentacles! One can dream...


Sarah Dungan said...

....The fact that I am now figuring out how to make a corset with tentacles is probably not okay.
I will never have time! Stop giving me ideas ;-)

nullalux said...

OMG, what a splendid idea! *runs off to design corset with tentacles*

Sarah Dungan said...

The tentacles could form a bustle....just saying ;-)

. c h o k l i t . said...

We could go in a little herd to some event in our tentacle-bustled corsets!!

Herd? Gaggle? Flock?

Sarah Dungan said...

A school?