Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Lucinda Octavio, Deep Sea Milliner," by Winona Cookie Creations

You really must visit Etsy Steam Team member WinonaCookie's enchanting collage gallery. I mean, seriously, how cool is this? (There's even whispers of a custom WinonaCookie collage featuring my bionic cephalometric radiographs!)

Lucinda Octavio, Deep Sea Milliner, by Winona Cookie Creations

From the item description (original artwork and story are copyright R. Szczerba 2009): Even as a small girl, Lucinda’s passion for millinery was immediately apparent. As a small tot, the lovely, quiet little girl put absolutely everything on her head and wore it about. Buckets, bowls, wastepaper baskets, lampshades – even pancakes were not safe from her deep need for headwear. Usually a rather solemn child, nothing brightened little Lucinda’s countenance like an unlikely object balanced precariously on her tiny head. As she grew, her efforts became more elaborate and she constructed origamically engineered masterpieces out of the New York Times and fanciful confections out of bits of lace, satin and felt. Her obsession with millinery was equaled only by her affection for all things aquatic, an affinity that became glaringly apparent when she perpetrated a swift kick in the shin against a distant but wealthy relative as he tucked in to an outsized lobster tail. [...] Lucinda immediately set to work creating hats that would allow the Octavios’ cephalopodic companions to accompany them anywhere, and what magnificent chapeaux they were! Elaborate gauges and pumps ensured Olive’s moist comfort, and the octopus proved quite indispensable as a hat-making assistant.


Winona Cookie said...

Squee! So happy to swimming amongst the tentacles on the Wonderful Cephalopod Blog! Thanks for the feature and hope your mandible is feeling ever so much better :-).

Tiffany Westlund said...

most marvelous