Thursday, February 19, 2009

Steampunk Squidbot lamp

Etsy Steam Team member Tom Banwell pointed out this splendid Steampunk Squidbot lamp (version 2) by Etsy artist RiverOtterWidget!

The aquatic equivalent of Spiderbots, Squidbots were originally used by the Royal Fleet in maintenance of their submersibles. The Squidbots would swim underwater and shine light out of their tentacles while Fleet deep-sea divers repaired props & other submarine parts.This version could swim a bit faster and reverse itself in a moments notice using the propeller on top of it. Sometimes other bots would do the welding and other work, while the crew could focus on the positions of pirates and how to evade or capture them. It didn’t take long for the pirates themselves to figure out that Squidbots, like the Spiderbots used on airships, could be outfitted with explosives. They then would use them to their own dastardly ends, wreaking havoc on many Royal Fleet Ironclads. Designed by Jon Gosling of River Otter Widget studios, created as a one-of-a-kind functioning art piece in the steampunk style. Measures approx 8"tall x 8" wide depending on how you position tentacles. The 4 tentacles are positionable, and feature LED lights. It runs off of 3 AAA batteries which last a long time being LEDS, Also there are very strong magnets in the back if you wish to hang it from a metal plate instead of posing it on a table.

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