Sunday, May 3, 2009

And the Winners Are!

With random numbers selected from, congratulations to:

Artsnark! Winner of the kraken print. And...! Winner of the octopus necklace.

Thanks to everyone who entered, and special extra thanks to everyone who posted art! I'll be putting up a post on Monday featuring all the images you posted for us!
Today, however, I thought we'd feature the winners favorite cephalopods. After all without them we'd be having a tea party all by ourselves wouldn't we?

The chambered nautilus, which drifts backwards through the ocean wearing a shell with chambers filled with air that keep it floating right side up! Many credit it with being the inspiration for the design of the first submarine.

The 'dumbo' Octopus, a deep sea octopus living around the thermal vents hundreds of miles from the coast and thousands of feet below the ocean surface. Its 'ears' are actually fins that help propel it through the water. So rarely photographed that google image searches first page of entries contains only 3 images repeated for the entire page. Enterprising researchers took a video of one swimming however, which you can watch HERE set to ballet music.

Thanks everyone for making the Cephalopod Tea Party's first contest a success!


Artsnark said...

Very cool! thanks

nullalux said...

Congrats to the winners!