Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Brandi Milne does Sea Creatures

I've been a very negligent contributor here for the past few months, I admit ~ my whirlwind of a life gets in the way too often. But here's an offering that will make up for my lack of octo-love-gathering.

The Saddest Lullaby

There are myriad reasons to love LA pop surrealist artist Brandi Milne, but her brilliant paintings of tentacled sea creatures are what I'm excited about today.

Mermaid 3

Brandi's work is amazing to me - cartoonish, yet elegant, childlike and playful, yet dark. I get lost in her saturated, dripping world of candy and decay, and I like it.

There in Time

You can even get her brilliant artwork on a sticker for your iPod or laptop through the fabulous Gelaskins!

Let Them Eat Cake Laptop Sticker

You know you need this, right?


Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

More pro-octopus propaganda. You do realize that given the chance they would drag you to the bottom of the ocean and have you for lunch and then a late night snack? Just saying.

. c h o k l i t . said...

with popsicles on the side, I hope!

SomethingDreadful said...

I've been an eager and ardent admirer of Milne's work for some time now. I love the darkly whimsical characters that inhabit her painted worlds. Some of these pieces are new to me, though. Thanks for sharing! The sight of a melancholy octopi is always the sure mark of a pleasant day to be had.

Artsnark said...

fun stuff!

nullalux said...

Her work is so emotional! Thank you for sharing this.