Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Victor Hugo's Octopus, Bearing the Initials V. H.

Via A Journey Round My Skull: Victor Hugo, circa 1866; pen, brush, brown ink and wash on cream paper. It can be found in Shadows of a Hand: The Drawings of Victor Hugo. [...] Hugo pasted this drawing into his own manuscript of Toilers of the Sea, where it corresponds to the following text:
At night, however, and particularly in the hot season, she becomes phosphorescent. This horrible creature has her passions, she awaits her submarine nuptials. She adorns herself, setting herself alight and illuminating herself; and from the height of some rock she may be seen in the deep obscurity of the waves below, expanding with a pale aureole -- a spectral sun.'

Friday, September 25, 2009

Squid Dreams at Balsa Man

Most people know about that giant art festival in the desert. But did you know there's a miniature version called Balsa Man that happens annually on the same night? Not only do they burn a tiny man, they give tiny art grants for tiny art projects, on a scale of one to twenty dollars. One of this year's prize-winners was called Squid Dreams.

Photo by sandwichgirl

Artist Justina Kochansky, who fabricates tiny squid panoramas, was awarded a $10 grant to create an installation with a tiny squid dreaming of larger things...

Photo by artist Justina Kochansky

Check out Justina's photo stream on Flickr for her sculptural web comic Articulate Matter, which is largely based on various squid adventures - and check out the Balsa Man Web site, a hilarious send-up of the larger event, with detailed documentation and rules like the photo policy, which claims rights to all thumbnails of event.

Photo by Jacob Davies

You can also see more fun Balsa Man pictures here. And you can purchase original sculptures and prints of Justina's work from her Etsy shop.

Photo by artist Justina Kochansky

So precious. Sweet squidly dreams!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Octopus Bling (continued)

Swiped from Etsy.com's from page, check out Fleather's gold plated gem set eyed octopus rings!
These rings are from the shop's 'Rabidfox' line of jewelry (which features a few more cephalopod creations including one very large Tentacle). The line is cocreated by Linda Smyth and Rebecca Pulver, and devoted to the animal kingdom in general.