Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tentacle candy for the gummy conoisseur

A friend of mine in LiveJournal land pointed me towards this sweet rubbery confection.

Made by Flix Candy,

It is part of the Horror Flix Mutant Gummy Creatures line along with “Attack of the Giant Centipede” and “Revenge of the Giant Earthworm,” and all three are available at Walgreens.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pixel Squid Knee-Highs!

Need I say more? What could be better?

Pictured in the wild on the lovely legs of Theremina, co-founder of my favorite blog EVAR, Coilhouse. Note also her squidly plushy friend.

Here's a close-up of Clicky, the Pixel Squid.

Get your own from the Diesel Sweeties Pixel Socks collection, designed and made by rstevens in collaboration with Sock it To Me out of Portland.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The Sailor's Valentine

I have much love for the bizarre and otherworldly dioramas of LA underground artist Elizabeth McGrath. And this may be one of my favorites... The Sailor's Valentine, from 2001.

I love this wide-eyed tentacled undersea princess with her spiny bloody little friend. What could her story be? Let's get closer...

Read more about the amazing Bloodbath McGrath in this feature on my blog. She's chock full of creepy goodness.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

And the Winners are....

Sorry for the late posting, compiling the list and drawing the names happened later then I expected yesterday.
Mad Marley Grey wins pin #1
Jason wins pin #2
Sara wins the pirate print!

Congratulations to the winners!
Thanks to everyone who entered, and to everyone who posted cool links, drawings, and especially to those of you who told us what your favorite past posts have been. Its always interesting to find out what our readers like best! Soon we shall make a post showing off all the art you sent us, but I felt that it should have its very own post, outside of the results, to really properly show off all your excellent works.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Something to start your week off right

Sent in by Darien, its a real thing people. You can really go buy a tool that turns your hotdogs into octopi! To be fair, this really needs no further explanation. Yum.

Last day to enter the 100 Followers contest! If you're wanting to sneak in at the last minute, honestly I'll just allow anyone who posts before I wake up on Tue morning to squeak in ;-)

Monday, November 2, 2009

100 Followers Under the Sea

Some of you may recall, that upon reaching our 50th 'follower' we held a contest. Its time again for us to bring out the prizes and offer up a chance at winning through simple participation! Entry is simple, and there are multiple ways to enter. For completing each qualification you will receive the ethereal internet equivalent of 1 raffle ticket, the more tickets, the greater your chance of winning!

Quests to Complete:

1) Comment here, in response to this post. Tell us your favorite Cephalopod and why. You may be as general (the cuttlefish) or as specific (Enteroctopus dofleini - the Giant North Pacific Octopus) as you want. You are not even restricted to living things, its possibly you have a stuffed octopus named Harvey who is your very favorite cephalopod ever and we're okay with that too! But you MUST tell us WHY it is your favorite!

2) Draw us something! It does not matter if you are Da Vinci or someone's three year old neice, if you draw with finger paint or photoshop, and there will be no judgement rendered upon art, only happy cheers of joy that you care. Just like last time, we will feature any art we receive in a blog post here.

3) Tell us what your favorite post we've ever made was. Maybe you got an idea, or learned something new or went out and bought something. Maybe you just thought that one time when we posted that youtube video was really awesome. Just tell us about it!

Please note (and this is important) - if your email is not in your profile (the one we can get to by clicking on your name in the comment box) then please include it in your comment! We MUST have a way to contact you or you might not get your prize.

The contest will run through Monday Nov. 9th. Prize drawing will take place the following day. Prizes will be added and updated during the course of the week!


Two tentacle pins! (drawn for separately)
Each pin is cast from an original twisty tentacle sculpture by Sarah Dungan, in cold cast bronze. Antiqued and buffed to bring out the details in all those little suckers. Gentlemen, you may request they arrive as a tie-tack instead!

ADDED: prize number 3, pirate and tentacles mini print. 8.5 X 5.5 inch print of a pirate ship and its eventual DOOM!

Doctor Grymm's Squid Attack!

photo © JMARSDesign 2009-2010

As pointed out by a reader, take a look at these fabulous goggles by Doctor "Joey Marsocci" Grymm. He describes them in his blog:
"I am actually quite happy with how they look and I think they are the most wild pair of goggles I have made. reaching tentacles and sharpened teeth hold the lenses permanently in place. The green and copper accents are painted with an inky wash that bring out the scarred and wrinkled skin texture. I hope that this pair brings a few unsettling looks from guests at the Museum."

These goggles, along with a large variety of other fantastic steampunk devices and inventions are on display at the Museum of the History of Science, in Oxford. Anyone in the area should definitely swing by and check it out!