Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cephalopod Baby Goods!

I've been dreadfully remiss in my duties as a CTP blogger, and my only excuse is the growing bun in my oven. Having made hearty promises over on my main blog not to devolve into only baby-related posts, and finding it very very hard ~ be warned, I'm about to take shameless advantage of this blog for a round-up of Cephalopod Baby Goods.

Beautiful Baby Model is the adorable Aniko, daughter of Dr. Insectus

Crocheted Cuttlefish, by JPolka

Madame and Monsieur print, by Ashley G.

Recycled Octopus Blanket, by Twirls and Twigs

Inky Birth Announcement
, by A Girl Named Stella

Red Octopus Onesie
, by Tiny Vessel Apparel

Octopi and Kelp Hand-Dyed Burp Cloth Set
, by LaundryMonster

Galaxy Blue Organic Baby Hat with Octopus, by The Cotton Cupcake Shoppe

Okay, okay, I'll have mercy and stop... but it's pretty hard to resist baby goodies!