Monday, January 24, 2011

Alexis Berger Designs - Handblown Glass Tentacles

I had the distinct pleasure of seeing Alexis Berger and her work in person this weekend at the always-splendid Edwardian Ball and artisan showcase in San Francisco. Check out this handblown glass tentacle necklace!

See more beautifully crafted, nature inspired handmade lampwork glass jewelry and personal adornments, reminiscent of Art Nouveau and the Belle Epoch, at Alexis's website:, and visit her workshop on Facebook here!


Betsy said...

How can you blow something by hand?

Ben and Carrie Tracks said...

Incredible!! Alexis Berger has such talent! Glad to have run across you blog and looking forward to following the cephalopod adventures! And of course always hoping to have a tea party with some 100 feet down or so :)

-Carrie and Ben

Rosy Smith said...

It just fabulous work!!!
just amazing!!! Hand blown Glass Tentacles" I like it...

Unknown said...

To answer (Rik) the first poster's comment: To say something is hand blown means that there are no molds or automation involved in manipulating the glass, only gravity and heat are used to create the final shapes.
Thanks for all the comments guys!
~Alexis Berger