Thursday, September 1, 2011

All about plush

We had an email, a while ago asking for more plush octopi.  We're pleased to bring you a post full of plush!  There's plenty more lovable cephalopod softies mentioned here previously - just click the 'plush' tag to check out a whole school of them!

Leonardo a huggably soft plush dumbo octopus, designed by Lauren Venell.  His eyes and suckers glow in the dark folks (which I have to admit, it a little creepy if he's sitting on a shelf staring at you as you try to sleep at night, but he means no harm, I promise).  He should be available in stores near you, but if you can't find him you can find the blog post about him here, and ask all kind of prying questions about how to get your tentacles on one!

If sometimes less squishy is more your thing, this felted blue ring octopus is amazing, and much less poisonous then its living namesake.  Check out the listing and look at the tiny rows of felted suckers on each tentacle!  And he's not the only cephalopod in FamiliarOddlings shop either.

And finally, if you prefer to wear your tentacles out on the town, this hat is definitely a stylish way to do it.  This hat is offered as a customizable design, created by Megan Bishop.  So not only can you wear your tentacles, you can color match them too!