Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Return of Tadly

Perhaps you remember last year when we introduced you to Tadly Waldorfington?

Well Cleo Dee has written to let us know that there are new improved Tadly plushes available for his fans in her Etsy Shop !

"To pursue his dreams, Tadly Waldorfington left the comfort of his Midwestern home for the convenient base campe of Middlebury, New Jersey. Although he does have the steady companionship of Abigail, he would love to have even more friends around the world to share in his expeditions and discoveries. Please bring Tadly into your home to hear of tales from far-away lands that no human would dare to reach."

And while you're there,  check out her assortment of holiday Squid for all your celebratory needs!


nullalux said...

Love the festive Hallowe'en decor!

Batou said...

Indeed! Please keep up the outstanding work!